Bald Knob Bans Bingo

Written by » Online Slot News on April 13, 2012. Posted in Promotions

We thought we would go with the headline as it is true. Senior residents of Bald Knob in Arakansas are said to be upset due to the banning of their regular bingo game at a local Bald Knob Senior centre. According to reports local residents as well as religous leaders have been lobbying to get rid of all forms of gambling and the Bald Knob City Council has therefore had a vote and it seems that bingo is no longer allowed. Charitable Gambling has been allowed in the State but it seems that the funding that these games provide will have to be found somewhere else. According to an analyst on the report the resistance to all forms of gambling is growing across the USA and that includes Charitable Gambling. In the UK, bingo is an extremely popular past time both in land based venues and at online bingo rooms. We even know of a paricular bingo room that donates part of everthing it earns to a charitable cause. Pink Ribbon Bingo supports the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity with a percentage of everything that it makes. We prefer the UK model to the Bald Knob model. If you dont like playing bingo then you do not have to go, banning it simply in our opinion means that people no longer have an avenue for some cheap entertainment. In addition banning popular forms of entertainment simply means that people will find other venues to play these games at and it simply means that Charitable institutions loose out on funding. Written for Online Slots by Greg