Betting Operators to Monitor Olympic Betting

Written by Gambling News on March 22, 2012. Posted in News

A recent meeting between leading betting operators in the United Kingdom and the International Olympic commitee has been held in an effort to stamp out any illegal betting.

The issue of betting on sports and the taking of bribes has grown phenomenally in recent years. Asian betting syndicates have driven this trend especially in regards to in play betting which is now under the legislative microscope.In recent times Pakistan have lost some talented cricketers due to the taking of bribes to perform specific actions during matches.

This meeting between the UKs leading betting operators and the IOC is an effort to combat this type of dishonesty within sport primarily and to ensure that bets that are made are made within the spirit of betting.

Some of the leading Bookmakers in the industry were represented at this meeting including Betfair and Ladbrokes. Officials and athletes at the Olympics are barred from making bets on any of the events during the Olympics.

All bets on over a certain amount will by indications be monitored as well as bets on lesser known sports. Hopefully this will lead to a decline in the kind of manipulative betting patterns that have sprung up. This kind of behavious has led to certain sports credibility being tainted including Cricket and Horseracing.

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