USA Legislation for Online Gambling

Written by Gambling News on November 8, 2011. Posted in News

There seems to be a movement at the moment towards legislating online gambling in the United States. Not only are the big land based companies starting to form tie ups with online gambling companies, in this case we are thinking about the deals between MGM and Boyd Gaming and the online gambling giant Bwin Party.

Combine this with the distressed state of affairs that most US states find themselves in and factor in a gambling tax, and you will find that legislation might occur sooner than you think. A tax on gambling will most likely bring in a lot of revenue dollars in most states. Legislation is really a no brainer for most folk, why ban something that most folk are going to take part in in any event.

Whether it be playing online slots or Keno , the US Federal government has a responsibility to ensure that its citizens are playing at approved venues. This scenario has already occurred years ago in Europe. Why then it must be asked can it not happen in the USA. What has stopped this from occurring to date.

The most probable answer to this is it has not occurred due to the interests of the large gambling groups maintaining the status quo. As they have not gone online they need time to come up with both a product and a strategy before allowing this to happen.

Perhaps the online gambling public should have a Takeover Vegas day; I guess that would not work as there might possibly be to many temptations.

We do not write to many articles about gambling legislation are there are numerous sites that do it far better than us and we are more interested in the games aspect of things, however we are seeing a gradual movement towards legislation and a growing shift towards legislation. That can only be a good thing for the US consumer and for the US in general. We all want good decent places to play at, so come on and legislate already.

Written for Online Keno by Greg